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Dr Joyce Reed

Health Coach

A Health Coach is a whole-health professional and expert in behaviour change, working in a partnership with clients who want to make sustainable lifestyle changes to improve their whole-health and wellness.  


If you’re ready to take the next step and tackle a health goal or remove a barrier you have identified – then signing up to a short course of personal health coaching is for you.


If you're ready to relearn what health and wellbeing means for you by taking a deep dive into your own health by learning more deeply about the 4 cornerstones of good health and how to apply them uniquely to your life, then this is option for you.


The 4 Cornerstones of whole health

Find out more about my journey from physical burnout to whole health by applying the four cornerstones: nutrition, sleep, rest&restore and movement to my life.  Read more about the basic principles of the four cornerstones of whole health and how to apply them to your life.  If you want more detailed support why not try a package of health coaching to kick start your journey to healthier you.


If you have any questions, please do get in touch here!

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