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A Health Coach is a whole-health professional and expert in behaviour change, working in a partnership with clients who want to make sustainable lifestyle changes to improve their whole-health and wellness. 

Dr Joyce Reed is a trained NHS doctor who worked in the NHS for more than a decade.  She also a qualified Health Coach.  She is offering unique health coaching tailored to your life circumstances and existing diagnoses.   Empowering you to achieve better control of  symptoms, work life balance, weight, or stress to help you feel more in control of your health.  In addition to this, given her deep and broad experience of health and coaching she can also work alongside anyone with specific diagnoses to gain a greater level of health and control over symptoms via lifestyle changes.

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Joyce trained at the University of Aberdeen and graduated with a BSc in Neuroscience in 1999, realising during this time she had a keen desire to work with people and help them with their health she moved swiftly on to start her medical degree at the University of Leeds from which she graduated in 2004. After a 12-year career in the NHS working as a hospital doctor and paediatrician she moved on to partner with her husband Prof Mark Reed in their academic training company Fast Track Impact During the 2020 pandemic she realised supporting people with their health and wellbeing was still a deeply held desire, and she enrolled in the CNM Health Coach Diploma, graduating in July 2021.  Since them she has continued to develop her coaching skills, realising that coaching is a powerful tool for change.

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"I have found with Dr Reed’s health coaching a complete transformation of how I approach my work. My physical and mental health have never been better, and I am now much more resilient, happier and more productive, in ways that I could not imagine before."


"Joyce was a god-send to me with no physio or any contact from NHS because of Covid, (she) helped me pre-op for my second operation and more importantly post-op where I would not be where I am today in health and fitness."


"Joyce has helped me to see that achieving a better lifestyle isn't as daunting as it sounds, and by making a series of small changes my health and wellbeing have improved dramatically!"


"Joyce has great knowledge on nutrition, diet, exercise in rehabilitation, mental health etc and in general to be happy in life, (and) I would highly recommended (her) if you want to have the best life you can."


“I had never done health coaching before, so came with limited expectations, and was blown away by what we achieved together. I came with a 20 year old running injury. Within a couple of weeks this issue was resolved and I’m now running 15 km per week."


"I’ve been asthmatic since childhood. With changes to my diet and lifestyle, with support from Joyce and the asthma clinic at my local GP practice, I have been able to stop all medication and have no asthma symptoms."

“Joyce has helped me get back to sports and athletics quickly and without injury.  I feel fitter and stronger than I did even before my injury!”

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