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If you’re ready to take the next step and tackle a health goal or remove a barrier you have identified – then signing up to a short course of personal health coaching is for you.  Using the therapeutic interview and follow-up sessions Joyce will coach and empower you to use tools and knowledge to be the orchestrator of better health for now, and into the future. 


  1. 30 minute no-obligation exploratory call

  2. Two 2-hour Therapeutic interview to identify your main goal and co-build your bespoke plan with Joyce

  3. 3 x 60 minute or 6 x 30 minute coaching sessions to help you to achieve your goal

  4. 1 hour session on how to balance the four key cornerstones of your life to achieve greater health and wellbeing, and symptom control

  5. Follow-on plan co-designed in your final session and sent on to you at the end of the programme

  6. Joyce will send out any relevant supporting material tailor to your goals and coaching plan

  7. You get a Pdf copy of Joyce’s manual


£450 for the package *

Click here to learn more about payment


Become the master of your own health, wellbeing and work-home balance

If you ready to relearn what health and wellbeing means for you by taking a deep dive into your own health by learning more deeply about the 4 cornerstones of good health and how to apply them uniquely to your life, then this is option for you.  Tackle goals in sleep, rest & restoration, nutrition, and movement – to bring balance to your whole life.  Learn how to continue this journey for yourself, sustain and build upon these changes into the future after the coaching programme has ended.  The time is now to make the changes you want to make and sustain them.   Go on the health coaching journey to find more health and vitality than ever before.  Find out how to feel great, be healthy and more confident, curious, and productive in your work and home life. 

  1. 30 minute no-obligation exploratory call

  2. Two 2 hour Therapeutic interview to co-build your bespoke plan with Joyce

  3. 6 x 60 minute or 12 x  30 minute follow-up sessions

  4. 1 hour sessions on how to balance the four key cornerstones of your life to achieve greater health and wellbeing, and symptom control

  5. Any additional 1 hour session of your choice from stress management to balancing your gut microbiome

  6. You also receive a PDF copy of Joyce’s manual, along with her essential reading list and self-health diary

  7. Bespoke follow-on coaching plan at the end of the programme

  8. Education and support with any known medical diagnoses you have, tailored lifestyle advice to aid with management using nutrition, movement, rest and sleep


£650 for the package *

Click here to learn more about payment


Sustainable change for a lifetime

Finding your healthy sustainable weight can be extremely challenging in the current cultural climate.  With ever increasing time pressures, and difficult to navigate food and health messages from mainstream and social media, it's harder than ever to find your healthy weight in a way that’s sustainable for life.


Have you experienced multiple diets and exercise programmes that have not worked for you, and your weight yoyo’s constantly with a gradual upward trend over the years?  Do you feel like your weight is spiralling out of your control and this is having effects on your mental health, making motivation impossible? Are you afraid to try something new in case the same cycle repeats its-self? If this is your experience, then this is programme for you.


By looking at deep seated beliefs, and external and internal views of yourself, embedded in a practice of self-compassion, you will slowly discover the barriers that have held you back from sustaining your healthy weight.  


With weekly sessions over 1 year, this programme with take time to slowly apply the principles of the four cornerstone approach to life, where you can find the health giving lifestyle that works for you and your family.  


We will look at how changing the way you rest, sleep and move can influence your weight, as well as taking a completely new look at food and how to nourish your body well, whilst banishing calorie counting – forever.


Package costs £150 pcm for 1 year. This will include:


  • Two 2 hours sessions; initially for therapeutic interview 

  • Weekly -  1 hour sessions (excluding holidays)

  • Four 1 hour education sessions on each of the four cornerstones of whole health 

  • Health Coach manual sent to your home

  • Any supporting material that you require as it arises from the sessions


Click here to learn more about payment

* additional single follow-up session at £60 per hour

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