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I am offering single sessions for anyone working within the NHS.  These sessions are for anyone who is looking for thinking space about their career, work life balance, stress levels or work load, or if they are considering adding health coaching to their profile of skills as an NHS professional. 


£25 for 30 minutes

£50 for 1 hour

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Thinking Session
GC for Doctors


Specifically for Doctors of all specialities who have been thinking about a career change or changing their pattern of working to sustain their career. These sessions are also for doctors experiencing stress, burnout and compassion fatigue as well as unforeseen health problems which have become a barrier to NHS work. 


Many doctors have been in touch with me and asked for advice and support, so I have developed a programme of group coaching tailored specifically for you.  Gaining insight from others with a shared understanding of the highs and lows of a medical career, finding peer support in a safe group coaching environment. 


The cost is £25 per session per person and groups are capped at 5 people. Initially the groups meet weekly on Zoom for 3 months.   These groups are paid per session to accommodate mixed working patterns and availability.

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