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The Health Resilient Researcher

Course Description

During this course you will discover new ways to view personal health and become a more resilient researcher.  Start to address the key cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle and help yourself to become significantly more productive as a researcher, whilst finding a more authentic version of you. Rather than learning (yet more) about health fads, you will learn practices and life hacks that will slot into your busy schedule and start you on a road to achieving whole health. 


This course is based on the biomedical and lifestyle medicine evidence base, clinical experience and personal experience of balancing lifestyle and regaining whole health.  I reveal that the evidence needed to change your mindset on health is hidden in plain sight and that relying on the absence of disease is only a small part of health.  You will be empowered to put this evidence into practice in your own life, without compromising your time or energy.  In fact, after affecting a few small changes, you will discover more energy and time than ever before.

How does it work?

This course works by shifting you from focusing on disease to focusing on health-based priorities.  By looking at your own identity and priorities, this course will help you find your own unique pathway to health. By working regularly on your most important priorities, even if only for a small proportion your time, you can become increasingly motivated to make time for healthy habits, creating a powerful positive feedback loop between your physical and emotional resilience as a researcher. Rather than encouraging you to add more things onto your daily to-do list, the emphasis is on discovering practices you enjoy that fit with your busy life.  These will give you better work-life balance, and teach you how to rest and sleep well, and lead to even more effective work.

Key benefits:

  • Leave with practical tools you can use immediately to prioritise limited time to achieve whole health and become a more resilient researcher.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the concepts that underpin your view of health, and why change has previously been hard.

  • Identify the four cornerstones of whole health, and start to see small changes as steps towards returning to whole health.

  • Learn how to turn these into “experiments” to make practical changes that create a positive feedback loop between your physical and emotional resilience as a researcher, so you can become increasingly healthy, focussed and productive.

  • You will get a PDF and hard copy of The Resilient Researcher, which includes tasks and tips to help you form healthy habits which really work for you and  you can keep for good.

  • You will get my reading list to help you find more information from the best evidenced credible sources, to augment further exploration of whole health.

  • If you are interested in making your training even more impactful for your team, then why not consider adding a programme of coaching afterwards.  Find more information about our coaching offering here


£1600 for Half-day workshop

£900 for 2-hour version

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